They were organized as part of their "40 year plan for the conquest of earth" originating in “MAKAI” through the propagation of “AKUMA” They adopted music for their propagation medium and accomplished the earth debut (Record debut) in September, B.D. (=Before Demons=Before the AKUMA Era) 14 (1985). Thereafter, they propagated the “Chapters of Doctrine” (using a record format: known to humans as singles), “Scripture of Doctrine” (known to humans as albums), and “Visual Records of Doctrine” (known to humans as videos) one after another. They keep satisfactorily demonstrating their artistry and increasing the number of disciple (otherwise known as fans) in their AKUMA Worship rituals (using a rock concert format) appealing to all ages and genders. Moreover, through mass mediums such as televisions and radio, their activities have widely taken an active part in not only the music scene, but also the television scene, the overall Japanese culture and the art district. Their mission on the earth was ended and dissolved on December 31, D.C. (=Devils’ Calendar=the AKUMA Era) 1(1999). On D.C. 07(2005), to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut, SEIKIMA II reunite for six months, at which time they presented 6 new Chapters of Doctrine for download, toured for 15 AKUMA Rituals and released 5 Scriptures.

In the year D.C.12 SEIKIMA II has once again risen for a limited period reunion. We will be conducting our dark AKUMA worship rituals in a rock concert format. The purpose of this is to inspect the level of influence and notoriety that AKUMA’s have in this world. It is the duty of all of us from the MAKAI to make our presence known (like a victory lap in the sporting world)

[Definition of important words to regarding SEIKIMA-II]

*B.D. =Before Demons=Before the AKUMA Era

*D.C. =Devils’ Calendar=the AKUMA Era

*AKUMA (n.)
A mystic race of gods occupying the same time & space as the human race. Believed to have been brought into existence by Anthropomorphized Natural Law to enforce the rules of nature. They follow a tenet that considers natural law as an absolute, as opposed to Homo Sapiens, who are seen by Akumas as ignorers and possible destroyers of natural law. Being physically and mentally superior to humans, they are often at odds with the human race. While the human race seems to feel the need to follow their perceived commandments from their god, Akumas only see the protection of nature from the humans as a holy cause.

*MAKAI (n.)
A futuristic (hyper-evolved) dimension where Akumas are born.

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