Doctor / Painter / Priest / Calligrapher / Daring man
Position in MAKAI
ex. chief of The Agency for Cultural Affairs in MAKAI
Date of Birth
June 22, B.D.100036(B.C.98038)
Place of Birth
A trading port in JIGOKU, “Side-Beach”.

Artist. Dr.XENON is a bassist of the second lineup of SEIKIMA II and became a permanent member by the 4th AKUMA movement in B.D.13. He is especially well informed about many cultures as it pertains to the conquest of earth. He constantly impresses with his vast knowledge of classic movies, plays and celebrities. His interest in photography has surpassed being a mere hobby. It has been respected to the point of having his work used as an album jacket for one of his musician friends. He is called Doctor, not only for his vast knowledge, but also because he is calm and as logical as a "Mountain that doesn't move". Though generally considered patient and tolerant of small problems, it is rumored that he actually doesn’t think about much at all. As a rule, he speaks very rarely at group meetings, however, when some trouble arises, he consistently astounds everyone with his quick and agile settling of the problem. A man of few desires, he is content with playing bass and having a drink after the show. Having very few calculating designs on his career, after playing a venue with fifty thousand people, he is quite comfortable with playing in a club that seats barely 50. While masquerading in human form, he attended an art college and achieved acclaim as a painter. His personality has led to him being called “priest”. He is a heavy drinker.