His Imperial Highness
Position in MAKAI
Son of the thunder god who is a well-known evil emperor in this universe.
Date of Birth
November 21,B.D.100034(B.C.98036)
Place of Birth
Onigashima in JIGOKU, “Hill Mountain”.

Nobleman. Although H.H.RAIDEN is the fourth drummer of SEIKIMA II, H.H. has been a stalwart regular member since the advent of the band’s debut on earth. H.H. is an avid researcher of many forms of entertainment. H.H. is an aficionado of all forms of video games. At bowling, video games and Mahjong, H.H. holds a master’s title given to him by H.M.MAOH (the emperor of MAKAI). H.H. has written columns in game technical journals. H.H. enjoys reading novels, watching F-1 racing and “Rakugo” (Japanese storytelling monologues). H.H. is an avid movie critic, which means that H.H. spends most of his time indoors. Although H.H. is quite thin, his high metabolism doesn’t allow for very much energy without constant refueling. In other words, H.H. is always hungry. H.H. is a voracious meat-eater, and on the days when H.H. is scheduled to lay down drum tracks, H.H. insists that his meals consist of deep-fried breaded pork cutlets. His favorite foods are Spaghetti Carbonara and “Katsudon” (deep fried pork cutlet with eggs and onions served over rice). Though most of his household budget is allotted for food, H.H. maintains a body with only 9 to 11 percent body fat. At a recent check-up, it was stated that H.H. has the body of a 25 year old. Though H.H. looks wild, H.H. is very methodical. So it is no surprise that his house is kept very clean. Because of his meticulous knowledge of both the set list and his meticulous attention the details of the intricate musical changes in each performed song, H.H. has been nicknamed, “Minister of General Affairs”. Every two years or so, H.H. is known to suddenly strike a threatening pose.