Guitars & Background Vocals
Position in MAKAI
ex. Empire Magistrate in MAKAI
Date of Birth
May 5th, B.D. 100033 (B.C. 98035)
Place of Birth
Rich Bridge, Windy land of JIGOKU

Chief of Staff. Preceding the earth debut of Seikima II, E.M.JAIL not only volunteered for his position, but was accepted because of his enthusiasm and talent as a guitarist. Although the youngest member of Seikima II, his talent at enthralling human women is so great that he often advises his fellow members on how to manipulate women’s hearts. In the two years he was originally with the band, he instigated many musical ideas and solidified the band’s sound. However, being a brutally honest person with very little tact, he became dissatisfied with the condition of the music scene. After fearing his own dissipation within said scene, he decided to leave the band. After naturalizing his status as human, he debuted internationally with the band, “Cats In Boots”. After experiencing many highs and lows, he decided that his brutality is best left in his music and not in his personal life. He became enraptured with the art of flower photography, and recently is in the practice of recommending and critiquing the acts of popular young comedians. He now drinks very little, as opposed to his past habits. Since the conquest of earth, he joins up as a “part-time member” roughly every five years or so. He is very fond of cats, mountain-climbing and the capture and collecting of rare insects. His one unchanging passion is…women?