Vocals & Chairman
His Excellency
Position in MAKAI
ex. Vice Emperor of MAKAI
Date of Birth
November 10, B.D.100036(B.C.98038)
Place of Birth
owntown JIGOKU, “Bitter Valley”

The president of SEIKIMA II, a group of demons. The founder of AKUMA propagation.

H.E. is a cabinet minister. H.E. succeeded His Majesty Damian Hamada as president of Seikima II. In order to propagate the rise and notoriety of the AKUMA faith, H. E. formed Seikima II. H.E. has made a large impact not only in the world of music, but also as a stage actor, a cultural critic, a television sports commentator for Sumo and a motion picture director. H.E. has prospered in nearly all forms of mass media. On television, H.E. is a mainstay on comedy variety shows, sports broadcasts, news broadcasts, educational programming, art introduction shows, ecological documentary shows, programs broadcast from Japan and shown globally, commercials and government election broadcasts. He is the only celebrity to be featured on such a wide variety of programs. In Japan, he is the only rock musician whose face is immediately recognized by the old and young populace alike. Because of his diligent checking of all of Seikima II business and related activities, H.E. has been referred to as “administrative manager” and the “executive director” of Seikima II. In other venues, H.E. is also known as the “master of ceremonies”. H.E. hates the act of leaving uneaten food on one’s plate, the overuse of air conditioners and abbreviated slang.