Guitars & Background Vocals
Staff General
Position in MAKAI
ex. Staff General of military authorities in MAKAI
Date of Birth
April 12, B.D.100034(B.C.98036)
Place of Birth
Upper-class residential area in JIGOKU, “Heverly Hills”.

A staff officer. After E.M.JAIL O’HASHI left SEIKIMA II, super fast technical lead guitar player S.G.LUKE was hired from MAKAI. LUKE works as Staff General of military authorities in MAKAI, and He was chiefly in charge turning health food and detergents into weapons of mass destruction He is credited as the member of Seikima II who has written the most songs. Normally he is cool and detached, but when he hits the stage, he enthralls audiences with his bewitching and aggressive performance. He is possessed of a very sharp sense of humor, with which he and H.E. used to create a radio program that an industry magazine rated as number one. He is a consummate professional songwriter and lyricist with a craftsman’s eye for detail. On songs that feature him on vocals, S.G.LUKE, through both his lyrics and performance, will bare his innermost feelings and weaknesses. For every missions in Tokyo, S.G.LUKE insists on travelling by bicycle as much as possible, for the purpose of maintaining his physical stamina. He is an Akuma that sports many faces, much like ASHURA.